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Default Re: New Piston Question...(?)

Originally Posted by Flight Risk View Post
It looks like only the dome is different. The side skirt distance is the same.
Can you mill your head down?

Rod S

PS. You could always put a little JB weld in the head or on top of the piston to decrease volume. hehe.
I've shaved about .008" off my head and I plan to use a head gasket that is .016 thick in place of the stock .027 thick gasket that comes on these motors, these 2 things will decrease my combustion chamber and add a little extra compression as long as the head I use matches my piston.
I have about come to the conclusion that maybe I just need to get the domed piston designed for my angle plug "Slant" engine and that will resolve my issue with this engine rebuild, I ordered the new piston I have off of ebay from BGF and wouldn't you know it is an odd ball that probably isnt even being used in these engines any more, I wont make this mistake again......!
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