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Default Re: I find the Tanak PF-4000 ear shattering loud !

Originally Posted by katoomer View Post
Its brand new and stock and supposly has catalitic converter. They probably left out the baffle to make room for the catalist ? Its so loud I'm up front on the tandem with no passenger. So further from the engine than a single bike might be. I really need ear plugs. Well, at some point I may get a chance to have the sound checked because around here the DNR has sound checks for ATV's. I might have it checked to see if it passes the ATV standard. I dought it would.

Can that Subaru 035 be picked up anywhere quick. Do lawn and gardern shops stock these motors ? I might go on a trip thursday and I'd like to take it with me with that engine.

Yeah the Tanaka Pure-Fire 40cc does have catalyst in it and should be baffled also...I wonder what's making it so noisy? You might contact the place you got the kit from and ask for an exchange stock shouldn't be all that loud, really.
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