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Default Intro post from California

Hello Everyone,

Just making your aquaintance and saying thank you to everyone for this highly educational forum. I do not yet have a MB, but I am planning on building one. My wife won't let me have a Motorcycle (too dangerous, even though I used to ride), so I figured the next best thing would be a bicycle based on an antique motorcycle.

I am interested in building something resembling an Indian motorcycle circa 1916 or so. I have already read a lot about different components. I would like to use a Worksman frame, so that I can fit a home-made tank under the top bar, and I also plan on trying to build a leaf spring front fork.

I have found a lot of information in many different posts, but would any of you know of a realistic price to pay for an old Worksman frame? I have been following a sale on ebay for just a frame, forks, and crank, and it has already hit $80+ with $20+ shipping. Is this what I should expect? I have gone to the Worksman web site, and I could get a bare bones cruiser for $299. Would this be a better deal? I plan on replacing the forks and most likely the crank, so I would just be using the frame and rims from a brand new bike.

Thanks for any suggestions or comments,

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