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Default Staton Box....14oz of GREASE??

I've got an Old RH 6.9 Staton Gear Box. It looks about 1/2 the size of the new 18.75 : 1 gearbox he makes. First It had grease in it, It was loud. I took the grease out and filled it with 80/90wt. gear oil. Worked O.K. and was quieter with the gasket I cut, but leaked the gear oil out of the bearings, So I drained the oil, and re greased it. Problem is, It seems like the grease always gets pushed to the outer most corners of the gearbox and doesn't coat the gears.

I gradually have been putting more and more in. I currently have the whole 14oz. tube of Red High Temp. grease in the gearbox. More would fit. Should I throw more in or is 14 oz too much as it is.

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