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Default Power wiring question.

Ok, so I want a 12v motorcycle battery on my chopper. I already have it, and I've already had it hooked up on a previous bike, running neons. Now however, I want to figure out a way to run a power wire to my ipod stereo speaker, which I have mounted on the handlebars. The speaker only runs on batteries, but I know that there's a way to run bare power wires into the speaker somehow, to allow it to run off of the motorcycle battery, bypassing the normal battery compartement. I know the voltage is likely not the right voltage and all that, not to worry, I have other speakers that are going to be used as well, which I have already figured out how to do, and have tested. All that's left is this one damn speaker, my question.... How do I wire my motorcycle battery to run my battery only ipod speaker?

Thanks guys, any help/links would be appreciated.
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