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Default I think I'm close to being done.....

Here is a picture of my bicycle so far.....there are notes in the pic-roll your mouse over the pic to read them.

I started out installing the Staton kit last winter and have been refining things here and there for the past few months. As it sits now-I'm pretty happy with it, I have a range of well over 100 miles with the two fuel tanks and I can run about 35-40 miles an hour on flat ground.

I've never been a fan of or used any of those magic motor friction reducers, but for the last 200 miles, I've been running Motor Kote in addition to my regular 100/1 Opti-2 gas oil mixture......gotta say, the motor idles smoother and i picked up about 3 mph on the top end. Not sure if that is due to the Motor Kote or not, but I did have to reduce the idle speed because it started to run faster at idle all by it self.

Also, I have a really funky looking exhaust system....for 2 reasons. First reason is that I wanted it to be as quiet and unobtrusive as possible, I've ridden past cops and they don't give me a second look. The other reason is that I motorpace some of my friends in the local cycling club......they get in a single file row behind me and they are able to go as fast as I do and having the exhuast mounted down low and pointed towards the ground- they don't breathe as many fumes.

I have about 1200 bucks into it including the motor, the bike and all the accessories. That's a lot of money...but you get what you pay for and I wanted something that would last a few years.
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