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Default Re: tricky...tricky...tricky...

Originally Posted by 2door View Post
Maybe I'm missing your point but maybe also you have it backwards. If the engine idles with the choke on, (closed, lever up) then you definitely have an air leak. If everything is sealed up well, choking the engine will stop it. Tom
ok, that i didn't know. I thought it should run either way, just not run well. ok, so i did some more work on her...still got to be an air leak, she has no power, but the choke kills it now...

i did the petcock test..removed the bowl and opened up the fuel line, then i pressed up on the needle, and the fuel flow shut off, just to be safe, i bent the prongs down a bit to shut off fuel flow sooner.

I checked the float, and it is floating in the bowl (put some fuel into bowl). i did notice a small fuel leak from the fuel tank (the shut off valve was not screwed in tight enough, but i don't think that's related to this problem).

i replaced the gasket between the intake manifold and the engine, although that gasket looked fine to me, i replaced it anyway

i removed and cleaned the air filter (although it is brand new so...) and i am going to put some silicone sealant where the carb connects to the intake manifold. i haven't (however) gotten a chance to test all this because it was time to leave by the time i got all that done, so hopefully i can test tomorrow since the sealant takes a day to cure.
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