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Default Re: chain and tire problem!

Originally Posted by TexasDav View Post
I went to the hardware store and bought enough washers to put 3 flat washers behind the sprocket and between the rubber mount on each bolt (=1/8 in spacing). Then added two thick washers to the axel to prevent the chain from hitting the frame. Worked great and have many miles on it that way.
Sorry to revive an old thread folks, but I do have a question for you TexasDav, or anyone else who can relate - Any idea if this remedy will work with *2.35* Schwalbe Fat Franks? I must had a loose screw of my own when I ordered these and didn't even think of how wide they'd end up. They look awesome on my cruiser but I can already tell there's two options: Send'em back (please no!!) or maybe someone here has successfully remedied the problem of the engine chain rubbing against this sized tire. Add to this that the wheels are 26” Steel 72 spoke radial laced, and the sprocket I'm going to (attempt to) install is a 36 tooth....I forsee a lot of cussing in the next few days.

Help? lol


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