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Default Re: walmart schwinn cheap

Very cool Andy. Jump on in there. Some really amazing folks. I had wanted that huge engine for a good while for the price but is a great lil motor.

Thats a good example. The PB its on (179 when I got it at wally world a few years back) Is still holding up. The HF tore the spokes out of every WW rear wheel I put on her. The wheels, cranks (had to go to wide to put a Honda on her) and kick stand are all replacements. The rear wheel on it now was $45 at the LBS and is on 4 or 500 miles with no signs of stress or failure. Single walled and they used my old wally world cluster
Center stand, kick stands are awesome for our thing! Bent seat post is a must too. Makes for a much more funner ride.
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