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Default Re: Hydrogen used to run 4 stroke engine

Originally Posted by MadC View Post
HHO doesn't have an explosive reaction, it has an implosive reaction. I want to remove the carb and use a direct feed from my bubbler.

The engine should run?

You need to do a lot more homework. Hydrogen is VERY volatile...explosive!!! An implosion is the inverse of what you will experience with Hydrogen.

Taken from, "How things work" Simply because it was easier than describing it myself.

"A Real Implosion?
Strictly speaking, an implosion is an event where something collapses inward, because the external atmospheric pressure is greater than the internal pressure. For example, if you pumped the air out of a glass tube, it might implode."

You can not simply remove the carb and feed the engine with Hydrogen. The best case will ruin the engine. The worst case will ruin the engine and parts of it will be lodged in you!!!

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