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Default Re: 100:1 Mix

the cleanliness is a huge plus. i get a drip out of my carb now and then, but other than that, my motor's spotless.
i think it's funny that people who haven't tried it are trying so hard to convince us that it's the worst thing ever and that we're morons for using it.

i mean, there's so many people here that love it, and i haven't heard one problem, seizure, or anything against it besides me and 2door's odd problem with switching an old motor over to it...

so, if you want to get nasty about it, who's the moron? the guy with the clean burning, no smoking, no stinking, no dripping motor that runs great?

or the skeptic with a 32:1 mix of walmart weedwhacker oil with the stinking, oil covered mess of an engine that belches smoke out as it sputters and chokes everywhere he goes?
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