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Exclamation please read these simple rules

the rules are simple.
1. do not curse and treat all members with respect.
2. use the search function for topic you are looking for and add to that thread and if nothing found start a new thread
3. if someone has a question answer it with a link if already covered. a response of use the search is not needed. most likely the person couldn't find it. its all about helping each other
4. no spamming/soliciation/fund raising of any kind
5. most important is to have fun and share with others
6. the forum is about motorized bicycles so lets try to keep things about them. i do not want politics and religion as part of the forum
7. remember most of us they were inventing the calculator when we went to school so we are not real good with computers. don't be afraid you may mess up on a post, one of us will fix it, i

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