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Default how to make an engine quieter/stealth

hello poeple of this forum!!!!

right, where i live in manchester in the united kingdom they have legal requirements for you to be able to ride a bike with an engine. so i was thinking if i make the engine as quite as possible they would never know that it has an engine built on to the bike and i would be happy and they would be happy beocuse they would never find out. i live in a place where there is hardly no police anyway beocuse i live in the county. but yes.

is there any way of making the engine more quite because i have seen some videos and their engine seem's pretyy load, ive read alot about losing power of the engine but im really aint that bothered about that beocuse as long it's quite and hardly no body can here it i anit bothered.

alot of the threads what ive read are all back in 2007-2008 so i was thinking has anybody got any new ideas about to make the engine very quiet????

i will be looking forward to your post's


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