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Default Re: tricky...tricky...tricky...

Originally Posted by 2door View Post
The only thing that concerns me is your comment "at least now it will run with a choke" What do you mean by that? The choke should be wide open (lever fully down) for it to run properly. Good luck.
I know i probably don't have to, especially in hot weather, but i usually start the bike with the choke on then turn the choke off once the motor (warms up) which is this weather is really fast...the problem was, with the choke on the bike wouldn't even start, which is why i began thinking i had an air leak in the first place. now i have been starting her without using the choke at all, but to test her and make sure i was getting somewhere, i would let her idle and put on the choke, just to see if it would kill the motor. all i meant was now it will idle with the choke on, so i think she is getting more air, but you are right, i wouldn't take her out for a ride full throttle with choke on, that could be bad
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