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Default Re: tricky...tricky...tricky...

Time to stop for the night, but here is what i have learned so far...first off, i think i may still have an air leak around the intake of the carb (carb cleaner stalls the motor when sprayed there). The air hole that goes from the air filter into the bowl was NOT drilled out properly, so not enough air was getting into the bowl (and that is chinese quallity control). So I drilled that out, and whoa, increase in power, at least now it will run with a choke. Tomorrow, i take 2door suggestion and try lowering the float, also the petcock test (can never be too sure). I have some copper rtv that i will then put around the outside of the carb where it connects to the motor intake (that is the right place for it, right? I wouldn't want to put it inside cuz it says not to use on anything that comes into contact with gas, so I am assuming that would be an exercise in futility) so i assume i am to tighten carb on motor as much as i can, then use rtv on the outside around where it connects...if i am wrong, will someone let me know, i don't like looking like an idiot, lol.
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