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Default Things Ive Learned...So far

Hey All,

So I got my first bike about a month ago and Ive had an awesome time building and riding it. In my first attempt I got some raked out springer forks... very cool looking but sketchy.

so off came the forks and I went with the original setup of the bike

I originally used heavy duty rubber dampeners (the same ones used in helicopters) to mount the engine, justifying that my snowmobile engine has rubber dampeners. The bike was great but lots of vibration at WOT, anyways Im out riding around town and I notice my air box cover and foam and everything is missing. Damn I shoulda tightned that before I left, lol. then a bit further on i stop cuz the engine is moving more than normal. hmm, my rear right side stud has sheared off. oh well better head er home. Soo as im heading home the engine starts missing, cuz its too lean(see above) Now im just nursing it and bamm the rear wheel locks up and the first thing that goes through my mind is, Ive ceased the engine. Nope engine is fine but my chain tensioner is in my spokes. Yep, ive read about it, but wait, the chain tensioner didnt rotate, it bent into the spokes the mounts are still in the same place.That musta been some big chain slap. Luckily I was only a few hundred meters from home. Once I got home I couldn't believe it, the wheel was fine not even a mark on the spokes, But the casing around the engine sprocket is missing a chunk. I call it a vent now, lol

SO where am I going with this, first off break downs are good, I got a chance to repaint my rig and tweak the setup.

Venice- thanks, you are 100% correct, don't use dampeners, just bolt it to the frame, my bike has never been so smooth.

I found some lead fishing net weights and stuffed my handlebars full -Awesome

What to do with the rubber mounts? used them under my gas tank

Still need to figure out a chain tensioning option. I think the top and bottom mount is the way to go.

Here are some pics,

Im hoping to get a new seat and a rear wheel.

Is anyone using the HD wheel with the band brake?

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