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Question Re: walmart schwinn cheap

I hope you guys don't mind me calling back up some older threads. As I'm searching and find an interesting thread with a new question, I figure I may as well just keep adding to the existing thread.

I was looking at those Wally World Schwinn DelMars. In my area they are now going for $114. That is about the cheapest new bike I am finding. I understand the concern regarding the single-wall rims. Let's say new double-wall rims are $25 apiece, and you reuse everything else (tires, hub, spokes, nipples). So now that gets you up into the $165 range, not counting your time to swap out rims (I've built mountain bike wheels before, so the swap is no big deal for me). Are there any bikes in the Cruiser category that have double-wall rims for $165 or so?

I'm all in favor of making a few upgrades for safety and some performance, but I'd prefer to not end up with a $400 bike as the basis for this build.

andy b.
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