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Default Re: Attn: guys that run 100 to 1

Originally Posted by severedcorps View Post
Thanks for the advice.. right now I am running motomaster formula premium 2 stroke motorcycle oil. I have noticed a lot of black crud being spat out all over the bottom of the bike, occasionally spitting onto my legs as well.. is this normal, or can I find a way to prevent this? I don't mind it much right now because it is summer, but when it gets cooler I do not want to have this all over my pants and shoes when going to school..
Where is the stuff coming from? Do you have a leak at the exhaust manifold? Is the muffler outlet aimed at your leg? 2 stroke engine exhaust typically is oily. Most of the oil in your fuel mix is not burned and exits through the exhaust. If you have a leak, fix it. Replace the exhaust flange gasket and properly tighten the fasteners. If the muffler outlet is the culprit then you can add a short 45 degree extension to it to direct the exhaust away from your leg/foot. This thread's subject is the use of oil formulated for a 100:1 mix. Those of us that use it do not have the oily exhaust normally asociated with 2stroke engines. Just a thought.
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