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Default Re: What gas is best?

Originally Posted by jawbreaker View Post
if you are like me, I only buy 1gal or so of gas each time, i think i am just getting what ever is in the hose left behine from the last guy who fill up. probably 87.
If you use algebra to calculate it out, you're absoluly right. I always run a gallon into the car first, then switch over to the can unless you can find a dedicated pump.

Another concern is nowdays premimum is selling very little as some places. Paticularly at low income areas. Most stations carry a very low volume of fuel in the premimum tank depending on the way that paticular station has mixer pumps or not. I deliverd fuel for a while. Thats why I'm familar with it. That fuel may not be very fresh. And the lower levels if not monitered can be run down low enough to start pulling water.

I purchased premimum gas in my old 2-stroke street motorcycle often. One day in a run down suburb of Atlanta GA. I put some in the tank. I went about one block and the engine died. I carry a tool bag so I suspected what the problem was. I drained the float bowel and sure enough, some water came out.
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