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Default Re: Noob with a problem

Originally Posted by joabthebugman View Post
I bought a used Gary Fisher mountain bike with a Skyhawk motor and a broken chain for $100

The motor supposedly ran and I figured for the price I at least had a good bike and a bucket full or kit parts

The problem I'm am having is that the motor seems to have compression only half the time

When I first tried to start it I would pedal and sometimes I would get good compression and it sounded like it would start, and sometimes it had nothing

I put it on a stand and pedaled by hand with the clutch engaged
Half a sprocket worth of turning had compression and half did not

Any ideas, or am I looking at the wrong thing
You sir...have a long road ahead of you! From reading your post, it is impossible to diagnose what is going on!

Once a bike is run-in a bit, I can stand beside it, lift the rear wheel, and kick start it with the hand, not a chance!

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