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Cool general questions

I am just getting started with this thing. I have the Schwinn Jaguar bike I am using for a base. The Stinger Motor arrived today. It's Friday, order went in on Monday. There is a nut missing from the sprocket attachment spacer/clamp this is bothersome. A sticker on the case states it meets all state EPA requirements then it adds for non road engines. I am a Calif. resident. Do any of you Calif. riders have any trouble with the law? I am pretty cautious, pretty old and not about to offend anyone by my riding style. I have used an electric motor on this same bike and never had any problem with police. I am wanting the same with the gas motor. I have the required bell still on the bike from the E motor days and am planning on using a rear view mirror. I don't want to register it and I have a rider on my home owners insurance to cover the E bikes I will swing it over to the G power. I will have to check the motor mounting I can fab up something if I need to I will not drill a hole in the frame. I will start on it tomorrow morning after my Saturday chores are done. Any pit falls I should be aware of?

Jim C.
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