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Default Re: Hello from Georgia

Jeff, thanks for the invite, I won't be in the area, unfortunately, my wife's family is having a reunion out west, so I'll be there.

KC, I went very cheap for my first bike... actually, it was free. It was all that I could do to get my wife to let me spend the $170 on the motor kit. She tells me that I have too many interests and projects that are very strong for a couple of months and then fizzle and die. I try to disagree but she reminds me of the year that I took to build a shed in the back yard, the beehive that I started to build (well, I went out and bought the wood for it), started writing a novel (fantasy... oh, and I never got past a page), started building my own power generator (I bought the wire and magnets and diodes) and and and... She can go on for some time, but I think you get the picture. So, I agreed to no more projects until the bike was done and she let me but a motor. I got a Stinger 80 / 66cc kit. The bike was given to me by a friend who has built two so far. To one he just added a motor and to the other one he added a jackshaft kit as well. I'm hoping that he's going to provide me with the encouragement when I get frustrated with this project. The bike that he gave me is a bike that he bought in Germany. It actually is a 3 speed bike with the gears inside the coaster brake hub. I was considering just replacing the wheel altogether, but I'm going to attempt to use the existing one first. I have some thoughts about what my biggest obstacles are going to be, but I don't know how much these forums are moderated and that would probably be a thread better suited outside of the introductions section.
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