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Default Re: Finally! Got a MB!

Ok so a few things.

cityevader, thanks for the offer. It'll be a week or so before I have $ in my paypal account, but I'd be glad to take you up on your offer at that time. You should see if they can fit in a USPS Priority box, that way it's just a flat fee.

As for the placement of the clutch/brake, I think I found a way that I like. I have the clutch level pointed straight down, and the brake in the usual position. Seems to work really well.

The clutch cable had a kink in it because it was too long. I cut the outer and used a spare inner I had off of another bike, and the clutch is super smooth now.

I went out for my first real ride tonight. It was awesome. Everybody I passed did a double take, and some cute but underage girls were like "oh way cool!" as I passed. This thing hauled butt. Till I got close to home

So, all of a sudden it won't stay running. If I'm pedaling and the wheels are turning, the motor will run, but if I give it gas it won't go any faster, and if I disengage the clutch, the motor dies. Since the motor runs when the bike is moving, I'm sure I have fuel and spark. So what else could it be?

It won't accelerate and dies with clutch in...

I checked the plug and it was a bit oily/black, so I moved the e clip to the top notch and cleaned the plug. Of course this didn't really help.

Any suggestions?

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