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Default Re: Simplest way to motorize a bike?

MEASURE TWICE - Sounds great man! I for one really dig the DIY builds as they really can exhibit the best examples of ingenuity, you really should create a build thread in DIY Home Built Motorized Bicycle (non kit) to share your experience, there's always something new for us all to learn if you don't mind sharing

Goat Herder - I dig the new Google Custom Search as well, it sure saves me a ton o'work lol I thought I should mention for those that may not know - most search engines will bring up any mention of assorted keywords, but if you wish to search for an exact combination of keywords, simply use quotation marks around the phrase you're searching for.

For example, you're looking for NGK spark plug cap information - without quotations the search will bring up every post with any one of those words.... a mess of unrelated info. Yet if you type "NGK spark plug cap" it'll only provide returns with that exact phrase, narrowing down the search to just the info ya wanted
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