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Default Re: worried about wheels

I had broken a spoke a few days prior and decided to go to the bike shop (via my motorbike) to get half a dozen new spokes. I zip tied the broken spoke (it wouldn't come off because it broke on the nipple end) to a remaining non broken spoke and went on my way. It made it all the way there no problem, but half way home that zip tied spoke slid and punctured my tube. I had those pre-slimed tubes and it made a huge mess all over my bike/engine... more-so because it dried during my walk home haha.

Anyways when my tire blew my back end became wobbly feeling and I just came to a slow stop. I just focused on keeping my balance as my back wheel was going left and right about 3 inches either direction. I would take my wheels off and down to the local bike shop to have them trued and tension the spokes. The shops here charge anywhere from 7-15$ for such a service. Also wearing a good helmet is always the way to go for the motorbikes, you can replace a bike but replacing your head would prove quite difficult.
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