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Angry Am I going crazy? Why wont my fuel flow enough to the carb?

I must be losing my mind. Here's the situ.

Turn petcock off. Pull the fuel line off carb. So now one end is connected to the petcock and the other is in your hand. Put a catch bottle down and open the petcock valve to make the fuel flow. It comes out fine. Now I shut it off.

Re attach the line to carberettor and turn the petcock valve to open. The fuel barley drips out.
WTF. My motor is not getting enough fuel. I can see the level drop down as I give it gas, and slooowly raise back up. This is prob. something retarded, but what could be causing this anomaly?

Makes no sense at all. Pull the line back off and fuel comes out just fine. But it back on and hardly anything.

I'm just going to stick an inline 3psi pump on there to ensure constant flow if we cant collectively solve this one!! Help me out guys!
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