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ok, two problems...i think half the battle (fun) is working out the problems. The first is I am pretty sure i have an air leak, that though is easily fixed. Just have to locate, and seal. Second though is the coaser brake. Usually, attached from hub to frame of bike, pretty simple set-up. This one though, attached from hub to a really thin cheap piece of metal (like coke can thin) and is expected to stop the bike. Flying down the road, that thing will snap. So, let me run a couple ideas past ya. First is to buy and install a set of pull brakes on the front wheel. Second, (and the one i like the best if it will work) is to drill a hole in the side of the frame and attach the arm directly there. Suggestions?

also, I obviously dont wanna flip, should i just repace the coaster brake altogether and put the pull brakes on the back, or on the front and use them both in concert hoping the back doesn't fail (last time one failed it tore up the spokes in the wheel and almost the motor iteslf)
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