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Default Re: Front brake kits

Originally Posted by muldrick View Post
I want to order one for my Cranbrook. (hope it'll work with the wheel).
Who's got the kits?
I saw one at Piston Bikes but I don't care to pay $18.00 shipping.
This is what i put on the front of my huffy, it is a U Brake caliper, not quite as good of a brake as a V Brake set up but much easier to put on your Huffy and cheaper as well, it also has the brake shoes that are made for a steel wheel, and most V brake set ups are designed for bikes with Alum. Wheels and the pads on them dont work as good on a steel wheel.

Check out this guys store and you will find loads of brake stuff, I have ordered from this guy and he shipped quick and has some good prices.

NEW BLACK BICYCLE CALIPER BRAKES BIKE PARTS 301 - eBay (item 230378795901 end time Aug-13-10 08:29:50 PDT)

PAIR OF BLUE ANODIZED LOWRIDER CALIPER BRAKES PART 456 - eBay (item 290429694122 end time Jul-26-10 15:00:49 PDT)

PAIR OF RED ANODIZED LOWRIDER CALIPER BRAKES PART 455 - eBay (item 290429694582 end time Jul-26-10 15:02:52 PDT)

PAIR OF LIME GREEN ANODIZED LOWRIDER CALIPER BRAKES 539 - eBay (item 230476698021 end time Jul-17-10 15:02:17 PDT)

NEW CHROME BIKE CALIPER U BRAKE BICYCLE PARTS 362 - eBay (item 230370748661 end time Jul-20-10 11:45:36 PDT)
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