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Originally Posted by bairdco View Post
taco, that's what i mean by "if you've never tried it, you won't know..."

for the record, after 30 years or so, Opti2 finally secured a nationwide account with ACE. it's not like they're radio shack's sister brand realistic. it's quality stuff gone bigtime.

and when graham bell said "more oil=power," Nixon was our president. times have changed.
like i said brother i really dont want to try it since i have about 15 gal of sabre and 5 of maxima. I'm oldschool I stick with what works for me I have never blown up any 2 stroke i've owned with the maxima super m. my 01 cr 250 still has the original crank and bottom end thats almost unheard of. sabre on the other hand I am no longer running it in my personal machines as I stated earlier 2 brand new blowers siezed solid on it @50:1 nevermind mixing it 100:1 like the bottle says. I like syn petro blends. running 50:1 maxima when I tear my motors down they are good and juicy inside when i took apart with sabre it was really dry esp when I siezed and genaded my engine on that nh ride we did a few mths back i made it a whole 6 miles whooo hooo.. I dont doubt opti is good it's just not practical for me... pce
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