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Default Re: How to install the Clutch Cable?

Pull the clutch lever open, you will see a hole in the handle the same size as the bullet end on the cable. Slide that part of the cabler into the hole. On the clutch handle there is two pieces on the end that screw on and off. One nut and one cone shaped nut. Each of them have a slot in it. Line up the slots with the slot on the handle and pull the wire through there. Then twist the nut and cone nut so the slots are not open. Run the cable however you like down your bike, put the bigger spring that comes with the kit over the cable first, run the wire through the open bolt that is sticking up off the engine before the clutch arm, slide the smaller spring on the wire then unscrew the little screw on the clutch arm, run the cable through there, adjust and tighten the scre up. Done. Hope that helps.
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