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Default Re: Simplest way to motorize a bike?

Originally Posted by nogig View Post
installation manual pdf[/url]
Awesome, thanks for posting that.

Just finished reading through it (cheap price/how easy it sounds has me excited) and I do have one question about where it says...
To stop the engine, push the Kill Switch and turn off the gas valve at the tank. Turning off the gas will prevent fuel from being siphoned from the tank. Warning note: Never leave the fuel-tank gas valve in the open position when the engine is not running or when the bike is in storage.
Is that a common thing for this application, or is it just because it's a cheapo setup?

Originally Posted by bairdco View Post
if you spend a little time on this site, you'll pretty much get a step by step walk through of how to motorize a bike. and if you pay attention and weed out the bad advice from the good, you'll build a pretty good one.

if you pay even more attention, and have good reading and comprehension skills, combined with a knowledge of tools and, finally, common sense, you can build a great bike.

but if you want someone else to do all the work, pedaling is good exercise, and you can make "vroom vroom" noises while you ride to get the motorized experience.

(edit. sorry. my favorite definition of 'sarcasm' is "laughter with knives." everything you need is available on this forum, you just gotta look around. if you want someone else to do all the work, they might as well ride it for you, too.)
I have no problem reading stuff, I just have no idea where to find it on this site, and I've only been here for about a day now...

And I'm a sarcastic ******* too, so don't worry about censoring yourself if I say something stupid.
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