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make sure your exhaust pipe flange is straight and uh, whaddayacalit, y'know, not bent.

sometimes they don't mate up flush with the port, and the gasket doesn't have enough "give" to make up for it.

usually, you can sand it down using a flat surface to take out any imperfections.

as far as the tank goes, those bolts suck. if you tighten them down to much, you crack the welds. sometimes, even if you don't tighten them down to much they'll leak.

if you drain the tank, then use a wire wheel or sandpaper or whatever and grind off all the paint around the studs, make sure it's clean, free of all gas and oil. JB weld works pretty good.

there's a product called "seal-all" that ace hardware has that'll work temporsrily, too. it's like a glue that can go on over gas.
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