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Default Re: Simplest way to motorize a bike?

Originally Posted by alaskan View Post

I don't want to deal with transmissions, I don't want to even think about figuring out how to connect anything to the bike's existing drivetrain, or any of that complicated stuff....

For example, could I just throw a cog onto the driveshaft of a 4.5hp briggs or honda engine, another cog on the back wheel, run a hefty chain between, add a throttle control and be set?
You could try it... but I assure you to "just throw a cog onto the driveshaft of a 4.5hp briggs or honda" is far more complicated than it seems, not least of which being that the briggs doesn't fit on yer average bicycle, yer perhaps overlooking the wonders of a clutch, and that if you don't wish to spend a lil for a kit setup - yer gonna get into some serious DIY stuff just as (if not more) complicated than figuring out the drivetrain

Sounds like from your lack of interest in "complications" yer prolly best off w/a 4 stroke rack rack mount but as a heads up - yer gonna pay a lil more for that simplicity.

Ya might wanna dig around in here a bit, what yer talking about is not only possible but a lot of our members have come up with some interesting solutions: DIY Home Built Motorized Bicycle (non kit) - Bicycle Motor at Motorized Bicycle Forum
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