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Default Re: What is the best bike to build to sell?

I'm not a lawyer but recently spoke to one who told me disclaimers don't always stand up in court. For example if it can be shown that the seller has knowledge or has reason to believe that the product he/she is selling is in some way defective then the disclaimer may not stand up in court.

For example, if the hot dogs you're peddling out of your hot dog stand make people sick and you know the reason for this is that they came on a ship next to a shipment of radioactive waste a disclaimer won't work.

You might skirt this if you mention in your disclaimer that the bike is not a toy and because of its nature a fair amount of checks are required (i.e. tightness of all major bolts, wheel, tire and brake maintenance and adjustment, etc.) and that the end user must possess a certain amount of mechanical aptitude to operate it safely and agrees to regularly perform these adjustments and to operate the motorized bicycle in a safe manner in accordance with all rules of traffic.
McGyver could fix that with bubble gum.

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