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Default Re: Two stroke choice

Originally Posted by MotorizedEtc. View Post
I know this subject has been beaten to death, forgive me! I just want so advice from the experts here. Ok so I'm building a bicycle for a customer but my supplier of engines ran out of the two strokes I normally use. My question is, should i order up a GT5 or wait for the improved kits that should be available from my supplier in about 2 weeks. The improvements are supposed to be slightly enlarged ports and hex cap screws throughout, plus maybe a few other things. I have seen the proto type in person and it does have the cap screws. Does the Gt5 have cap screws? I hate the soft regular screws that strip so easily. Of course I am going to ask my customer what he wants but thought I'd get some opinions here too.

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Im not an expert but Ill give ya my 2 cents anyway. Track down a Morini Motori. Franco Morini KickButt Engines
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