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Default Simplest way to motorize a bike?

I know more than enough about bicycles, a tiny bit about simple 4-stroke engines, and that's where it stops.

Can anyone point me to some kind of step-by-step guide as to how to just simply put an engine on a bike and make it go?

I don't want to deal with transmissions, I don't want to even think about figuring out how to connect anything to the bike's existing drivetrain, or any of that complicated stuff....

For example, could I just throw a cog onto the driveshaft of a 4.5hp briggs or honda engine, another cog on the back wheel, run a hefty chain between, add a throttle control and be set?

Sounds like it'd work to me, but it would really help to have something showing me how it's actually done.

Thanks for any input...
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