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Default Re: 100:1 Mix

Hello Everyone...
I am Semi New to the realm of powered bikes but if there is one thing i know now, (after reading 28 pages) Opti-2 is awesome.. I bought some of the pouches from my local Ace/True Value hardware store.. I cant wait to mix some up and try it out but i keep bending rear axles...
But i read that people have been putting Marvel Mystery Oil in there mix and was wondering what kinda benefits (Other that ur exhaust smelling awesome) it has... I am kinda curious to see what the effect would be if i added a splash to my mix.. Do you think it would have any negative side effects as far as getting the cylinder too clean?

Also, is it unnormal to have a bike that tops out at 37 mph on 32:1 with only port matching? *44tooth sprocket

P.S. I am glad to see this thread alive, wasnt expecting to read all these pages when i was looking for the best tuned pipe lol....
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