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Originally Posted by jauguston View Post
I think at the heart of it all is that most of us that put motors on bicycles are at least somewhat mechanically inclined guys that love to tinker. Doesn't matter what it is we love to tinker with things. A very healthy fun diversion from the boring but sometimes stressful lives we live. Lets face it they are FUN. They don't have to be rationalized to anyone as practical they are just fun.

We who love to tinker with stuff cannot resist the temptation to see if we can improve upon what we start with and that is half the fun. There is nothing serious about any of this stuff and we need to keep that in mind all the time. Whether you go to great engineering lengths to invent some new wonderful addition to this hobby or bolt on and ride it comes down to "Its fun".

The sun is shining and I am retired - I think I will go ride my HT powered SBP shifted Schwinn Mesa mountain bike soon to be repowered with a HT built by Foureasy. I can hardly wait (-:

Ya I love my Mesa. I also have a SBP shift kit and I just tricked out a new motor Iam about to bolt on. We have a nice ride Jim.
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