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Default Re: Bike stolen Glendale, AZ 7/11/2010

Originally Posted by WayneC View Post
Well, seems to me if it payed off it would have prevented the sommitch from getting away with it in the 1st place.
That's what bike locks are for ;-}
I generally don't take the time to lock them up because I keep the garage door closed and this is a pretty low crime area, but as mentioned the roomie left it open.

The cops asked if it was locked it and said no, and what I mention above, and the one cop said that normally it is low crime area but he said in the last week the theft rate jumped around here and they think it is someone in a truck just looking for 'thefts of opportunity'.

I don't suspect a rat, or someone that has been over and seen my 3 models or they would have taken the $1000 shifter bike and not my $500 budget model.

On a good note I talked to a police defective today and told him about the call and the 'private user' caller ID and he said they might be able to trace the number but need Aarons OK.
I talked to Aaron and he agreed. What a great community huh?

It may be a dead end, but it's a lead, and I have been contacting all the vendors I can find to be on the lookout for someone in the Phoenix area looking for just a new CDI module ;-}
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