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Default Re: Tips for performance and smoothness of ride ??

I just hit 36.2 mph effortlessly yesterday. That by no means is my top speed, it's within the confines of a test backstretch before I need to bring it to stop. Maybe 0.1 mile or so. Previous best was 34.8 mph. On longer stretches 40 mph, with no vibration issues. 20-25 mph is steep hill climbing speed, in 2nd or 3rd gear.

Here's some tips without details - I think you can find the "how to" if you search this and other sites.

1) You have to let the engine breath. Toss the stock muffler and air intake. Get a good larger filter and get and expansion pipe. Make the intake and and exhaust manifolds match the engine perfectly and throw the stock gaskets away and make your own.

2) Good NGK plug, new HT wire, and perfect electrical connections.

3) As mentioned perfectly balanced tires.

4) Good oil mix. 30:1 if it's a good oil.
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