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Default Re: Buzzard Beginning

Yeah, can you imagine a Jimmy Buffet song knockoff......"Wrenchin away in
Raqimbiliville" ?

I've been thinking (dangerous business that) that we outta consider pronouncing
that word "Raquimbili" like bikers would say it around pool halls


As if Billy is the Rack man to set up the table. That way at least the connection with bikers, pool shooters, and the "street" in general could wrap their brain around a word that would otherwise make their knees wobble. The inflection would be on the first portion of the word, barked as a command, and sound like a raw growl. Yes I think most of the world could take to that like a duck to water. Even the most high holly of the Harley set could learn to say it. With any luck someone will stencil an Apple logo on a Raquimbili and Jobs & Wozniak will show up on the things for their promotions to plug their new iPhones.

Yeah.....viral marketing ! This ain't no foolin around
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