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Default Re: Blow By U First Production Build Felt Twin

Hi and thank you Whizzerd
Yes and any Felt Cruiser is a good choice but the better choices are the single speed bikes. And the reason for that is you can not easily put a sprocket on a Nexus 3 speed and what you end up doing is changing it out for a Grubee HD Axle kit. Then you are back to a one speed and it is my feeling that you paid extra to have the 3 speed and now your going to remove it for a one speed so that is why my first choices in the Felt line will be single speed. Or until I can find a shifter kit and the it will be 3 speed all the way. I hope that made sense, I have 30 more videos to post for this thread and only two to fix Fairracing31 has given me a few things to try so with some luck I will start up loading videos to youtube soon.

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