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Default Re: How do you prevent your bike from getting stolen or messed with?

I had a beautiful Bianchi once. The thieve(s) sawed through a 4x4 beam in the garage that the bike was chained to, and the landlord wanted me to pay for the damage. Even though it was my neighbor who left his door open.
I had a slick Puch Magnum. I woke up one morning, and it was just gone, chain and all.
My motorbike is locked in a shed without windows and possessing a pretty solid door and lock. And when I am at work, it is chained to a rack at the City-County Building in full view of a deputy, wherein you will find the Marion County Sheriff's Department and the Indianapolis Police Department. And I still know full well that none of the above is any guarantee that some fast or ingenious thief won't try his level best. All anyone can do is make it as hard to steal as your resources allow.

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