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Default Re: How do you prevent your bike from getting stolen or messed with?

Originally Posted by captainrichhill View Post
You could dismantle the bike and put it in a napsack, then just rebuild it when you leave....Maybe?
Lol. Maybe I can convince all the store owners to let me ride the bike inside the store, or building?

Hot seat idea sounds good, but most seats are made of rubber, or cloth, and won't conduct electricity, besides the unless the guy is naked, it won't work period.

Yeah its really f'ed up, I haven't ever seen a cut lock until the past few weeks, I've seen at least 4 solid pieces of evidence that a bike has been stolen. And not to mention that this was not my brother's first bike that has been stolen, I think he has had 3 bikes stolen (1 motorized, 2 nonmotorized), all were locked except the motorized one. One time, he locked one of his bikes (nonmotorized) to a small tree, and when he came back for the bike half an hour later, the tree was cut down.

Just read the thing about wire around the handlebars, sounds like it might work. It would need to be around the metal parts that the handlebars go on though, so that he can't just grip that part.
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