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Default Tips for performance and smoothness of ride ??

Hello to all, been a while since I joined up and left my introduction. I have a couple of questions maybe someone can help me with.
I built my bike about 4 years ago with a Grubee Roundhead. 48cc . All has been well with it, normal maintenance, new plug when needed, dab of grease on the clutch sprocket, that type of thing. The fastest I have had it up to was about 22mph. Above 20mph I start getting some minor vibration, likely from the wheels. Any tips for smoothing it out ? Do any of you balance the wheels ? Any tips are appreciated. Also, let's say I smooth it out. Is 22 mph about top end for this engine ? It's not that I'm looking for more, but would like what I have up to 22mph to be smooth and efficient. Can you lead me to a thread here on tuning the carb or any other part for that matter. This thing has been a lot of fun and now with gas prices what they are, it's now more a mode of transportaion rather than a toy.
I have been considering buying a moped for going to and from work (1 and 1/2 mile one way) but on the other hand maybe I should just spend a bit more money on this bike (wheel balancing, maybe new heavy duty front wheel with brake, exhaust etc) and end up with the same performance as a moped.
Any and all thoughts are appreciated. Thanks Tim
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