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Default Re: How do you prevent your bike from getting stolen or messed with?

Originally Posted by KCvale View Post
(Recalls fond memories) ;-}

I just pulled these two out of my Old Inventions box.

The top one I used to keep a relay engaged for another circuit for a few minutes when power was removed, the other just another one of those I never threw away.

You won't be able to shock someone through the seat and their cloths though, you need a direct skin connection to both sides of the cap but I LOVE the idea of a "warning shock".

Back in the old days I would just coil a pair of wires (not touching each other, just spiraling down together) the length of the cap and charge it up.

When a newb would grab it from my bench, *ZAP* hehehee.

The big one is about the same size as Foster's Lager beer can, the smaller 130K MFD a domestic tall boy can.

Easy enough to charge at that voltage while riding with just a diode on the motors White direct magneto output, but how and where to deliver the shock might be a problem.

You can't just have exposed wires like my old trick, it needs to be to isolated metal pices they will have to touch with one or both hands at the same time...

Off the bat I am thinking paint the Cap black and mount it under the gas tank, and then just use a couple of strips of that metal alarm window tape on both side of the gas shutoff petcock valve.
Hahhaa, go to turn the gas on and *ZAP* ;-}
This is only funny until the first time you forget to turn it off and fry your balls off.
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