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,Opti-2 is the name given to a product made and marketed by a corporation called Interlube International. Kind of like Chevrolet is a product made and marketed by a corporation called General Motors.

I must agree with your conclusion that it should not be 100-1 based upon what it says on the 12 oz bottle I am holding in my hand. There is NO reference on the label to 100-1 mix. There are graduated marks on the side of the bottle for how much to add to a given numben of gallons.

This is a very eye opening discovery for me as somewhere else I read that you should mix 1.2 oz per gallon and at the time I though that didn't agree with the 10 gallon mix but I dismissed it.

Thank you for bringing that to my and others attention.

I think I will call them and get a clarification. They are in a neighboring town about 15 miles from here.

I just did call them 1-360-332-2132. The gal said this comes up sometimes due to changes in the labeling. The oil has not changed and "approximately" 100-1 is fine. Some older labels said mix the contents (12oz) with 10 gallons of gas OR mix 1.2 oz per gallon.

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