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Default Re: How do you prevent your bike from getting stolen or messed with?

Originally Posted by N8dogg View Post
...while I was in line some punk kid thought he could ride away but didnt know you had to pull the clutch.
hahah, my point exactly. Quick and simple deterrent for those situations.

Didn't you just love seeing your dumb would be thief kid struggle to try to get away riding your bike?

When I run up to the grocery store I wheel it right inside and park it by the shopping carts.
All I do is turn off the gas, keylock, and release the clutch lock.
They have a surveillance camera there and even a dumb kid knows that.

Speaking of my keylock, as I mention in my "stolen bike" topic here, it appears to have done it's job exactly as expected.
I e-mailed the other local motorized bicycle guys here in town and sure enough, Aaron at got a call from a guy that very night, and the guy said he just got a motorized bicycle with some sort of keylock on the ignition and it had no spark, and did he have a CDI for sale.

His caller ID was blocked but now Aaron knows about my stolen bike and has agreed to set a trap for the guy if he calls back.

That is what I love about the whole motorized bike community.
We may be local business rivals, but all of us share the same complete disdain for thieves and unite to catch them.

One more tip.
Write down the serial number on your bike frame and take a picture of the bike.
Multiple pictures if you have unique items highlighting them.
Then make a Word (or whatever) document with all of the exact specs including the frame serial number and pictures you can print on one page.

Put a copy in your wallet/backpack/whatever that is with you and not the bike.
When the cops came over Sunday night to take my report I handed them mine for that bike.
Suffice it to say, they said that single sheet of paper drastically improved my chances of recovery.

If like the convenience store attempt theft above happens, call 911 and report "a crime in progress".
That will get the cops there quick.
Hand them the sheet and if known, point the direction they went.
Your chances of recovery jump to being a "good bet" odds, especially if they can't start it ;-}
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