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Default Re: What gas is best?

Just as a side note in my time wasting internet searches I have found some interesting information about water fuel type stuff, nothing practical yet, hybrid are a joke 50+MPg in a prius, big deal, my 1974 VW rabbit Diesel got around 56MPG and that was when I inhereitted it with 300k on it.

But on topic. I only by a gallon at a time for my bike and I find that the 87 cheapo is working fine, I really had no idea about how bad ethanol screws things up so thank you for the info, and the oil I use is the only 2 cycle the gas station had when I needed a quart, it works fine too. I do check my plug and re adjust my plug when if and when I switch oil brand and or mix. But lets be honest, you paid $150 dollars for an engine and strapped it to a bike, Is high performance fuel really that big of deal when you consider everything else involved?
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