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Default Re: sturmey archer front dynamo debaucle?!

K, that's pretty similar to my light, it does rely on the housing as a ground so that may be the problem. The "clipped" black wire you've got there is for the positive lead & looks OK (provided ofc that's the positive wire). You can solder a negative connection directly to the triangle shaped spring that holds the bezel in as it makes contact with both bulb's housings (their negative) - that's what I did with mine and it works well.

You may experience some problems with the positive, that big brass dealie that only touches the positive on the bulbs when you close the light - make sure the reflector that the bulbs are in is straight and mebbe bend the brass tabs out a bit to get good contact...

Other than that it outa work jus' fine provided you've got 6v bulbs
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